At OXO, we believe there is a better way. We look at everyday objects and activities and we see ways to make things simpler, easier, more thoughtfully designed…better. We notice things. We notice pain points and pains-in-the-neck. We notice problems people don’t realize are problems until we solve them. We see opportunities to improve a product or a process, or a part of everyday life, and we make things that make things better. We see the big picture and the small details, and we think through it all: for peelers and graters and all kinds of cooks, for coffee makers and coffee drinkers, for dusters and compulsive cleaners, for baby strollers and families who stroll. We consider how a tool functions—how it fits into hands, how it fits into lives—and we design a better way. We create a better way for all: With OXO tools, people who love tasks love them more; people who hate tasks hate them less. We see a better way, and we make  it happen: Better quality, better performance, better experience, better day. We’re always searching, we’re always solving, we’re always making tools that make everyday better. And if we can’t make it better, we won’t make it. Because we keep our promises, by creating, delivering, delighting— every day.