Typhoon started its journey as a small company with a simple philosophy, to bring Asian products to a British market while always keeping in mind that good design shouldn’t cost the earth. Through extensive travel and research the Typhoon team found and created products that were practical, well-designed and stylish. People wanted well-crafted scales and colourful well-proportioned storage jars with a vintage feel. Magazine editors and TV Stylists were starting to take notice of the Typhoon brand and products creating a lot of editorial coverage from leading magazines and newspapers. Typhoon products were being trialled against competing brands with great results. As brand recognition grew so did the demand and this small seed idea turned into worldwide sales.

Typhoon’s talented designers and product developers ensure that style, creativity and innovation are at the forefront of each range. Typhoon’s portfolio includes well crafted scales, kitchen storage and chic Asian accessories. With popular magazines and TV shows regularly featuring these products, Typhoon is much loved in the UK and beyond.

The Pure Colour range offers products for an active, on-the go lifestyle for the fashion and ecologically conscious consumer. The range includes double and single walled stainless steel bottles, borosilicate glass bottles, bamboo fibre lunch boxes and bamboo fibre travel mugs. Our colours are both subtle and bold to suit all tastes. All are recyclable and embrace the importance of everyday use and the fight against disposable food and drinkware.